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The United States has proposed a 15% global minimum tax. 130 countries have endorsed the plan

Global 15% Tax

The United States has proposed a 15% global minimum tax. 130 countries have endorsed the plan.

What’s the catch?

Within a few years, all of those poor countries that agreed to this plan will have been completely taken over by the United States!

The American Empire has made an offer we can’t refuse.

15% is only for countries with GDP under $500 million.   For every dollar your country produces, 15 cents of it must be sent directly to the United States Treasury each year…forever.  And you do not get to keep even one nickel of it.  If you want something from us, you will have to borrow the money first and then pay interest on it forever!

For those who were too stupid to read the fine print and signed their name without reading, they are already in debt because they signed up for this loan to the United States.

The American Empire will have all of our military branches stationed in every country that is forced into this agreement.

We will be able to recruit who we want…or even kidnap them if necessary!  All of those countries are going down a path they cannot afford – a path that leads to slavery for its people, as well as poverty and famine for their family members back home!

This program will cost $500 million per year and taxpayers around the world will pay for it.

The framework includes a 15% minimum corporate tax rate and rules that would force technology giants like Amazon and Facebook to pay taxes in countries where their goods or services are sold.

A 15% corporate global tax rate? The current rate is 35%. This is a significant drop. “It would also allow for a 50% deduction on the first $30,000 of income earned by each corporate entity.” That means that businesses can deduct half of their income when paying taxes. So if my individual taxable income was $100,000 and I had a corporation with taxable income of $40,000. I could deduct 50% of the first $30,000 for a deduction of $15,000. My effective tax rate would be 30%. It’s worth noting that this is only on the first $200,000 earned by the business in taxable income. Anything above and beyond this point will face the regular 35% tax rate.

FIRST TAKEDOWN: This item is positively in favor of big business. While this proposal does not help small businesses, which are a majority of US companies anyway, it most certainly helps big businesses to lower their taxes. This bill states that any business with income over $25 million will receive tax cuts of 20%, from 35% to 29.6%. While this may not seem like much, it is pretty substantial for the biggest businesses in our nation, such as Coca-Cola and IBM.

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