Pools And Quizzes With Facebook Ads

How do we find new top of funnel poll/quiz angles to use with Facebook ads?

After sharing how we are using polls, quizzes, calculators and other interactive content for top of funnel, with Facebook advertising, one of the questions I got asked most via DM was how we identify winning angles.

In this video I am sharing a brand new ad account we are using for our soon to be launched political store.

The goal of this account is to build up a large warm audience that we know a ton about and have a great relationship with leading up to the launch.

We have a list of poll questions in our office based on current events and the most hotly debated topics that we are basically testing as the hook for the full poll backend.

We are testing each poll question as it’s own unique ad. We are using a single broad ad set PPE campaign with $20-$50 total spend for each one of these ads and looking for specific engagement KPIs like a 1%+ share to impression ratio.

We then are moving the most “viral” questions and moving them into their own dedicated WC campaign driving people to the full poll on outgrow.

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