How To Rank Youtube Videos For Lead Generation

Welcome to the 3 part manual on Getting YouTube Videos Ranked For Lead Generation. 

YouTube videos can serve as a great way to get more leads for your local or national business. Videos can add excitement and motivate more visitors to leave their contact info.

In a way, YouTube videos tap into an entirely new audience for your clients.

And, in general it can be easier to rank videos in YouTube than ranking other media in Google. While it’s not a snap, it is less competitive.

Below are the steps which you should you take to start the process. This is divided the steps into 2 sections. The steps of section 1 have to be done before you upload the video to YouTube.

Step 1: Keyword Research

The first step is to choose the right keywords to target.

Focus on longer tail keywords which contain preferably 4 or more words and which have easier chance of ranking so that we can achieve good results with less effort and in less time.

Also, try to think like a searcher thinks.

YouTube video is generally for two things: amusement (cat videos, people getting hit in the crotch) or instruction (how to tie a tie, how to make your own pizza, how to use a Facebook brand page).
Do you see how all of those “instruction” videos have the same type of titles? How to___________.

Titles and tags that are questions or “How tos” are typically popular in YouTube results.

When you pair this thinking with thorough keyword research, you’ll be able to create titles and optimized videos that are successful in search.

Choose informative titles that clearly state what the video provides, and that ideally incorporate one of your keywords. (Even YouTube legends have clear titles—Keyboard Cat, anyone? )

Here is a good guide to do keyword research and find long tail keywords – Finding long tail keywords easily Free online tool for quickly finding some nice, easy keywords –

More Advanced strategies for finding longtail easy keywords:

Finally, here is an advanced tool which makes it a breeze to come up with an awesome long list of easy picking keywords to target (note this is a paid tool)

Step 2: Naming the Video file

When you create a video you should ideally name it using keywords which you want to target.

For example, if I am targeting a keyword – ‘springfield bankruptcy attorney firms’, then my video file should ideally be named something like: ‘springfield bankruptcy attorney firms.mp4

Many marketers ignore this important step. You have to rename your video file before uploading on Youtube so that it contains the keywords in the file name itself.

This can have a huge impact as many others are not doing it and missing a trick by neglecting this thing.

Next time: Section 2 – After Uploading on Youtube

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