Facebook Marketplace For Local Business

Facebook is constantly unveiling new ad features. But over the past year or so, they’ve also been unveiling completely new product features. The most interesting part is how these all connect. However, there’s been one thing missing for a long time.

A business could replicate almost every single important function. Except for running payments and transactions. Thankfully, that’s all changed with the Facebook Marketplace.

Facebook Marketplace is used in 70 countries, by 800 million people monthly. The buying and selling platform is also used by one in three people in the US.

Facebook Marketplace is currently generating more and more traction. With its numerous advantages such as the built-in location tool, it is clear why so many consumers are returning for more.

Are you wondering how to leverage it for your business? This guide will do just that for you! Here’s what it is, how it works, and how marketers can use it to grow their businesses.

Download our full report Facebook Marketplace For Local Business here >>

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