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How to Create a Landing Page on WordPress

How to Create a Landing Page on WordPress

WordPress is a powerful website builder and blogging platform. It can also be used to create landing pages for your business.

Landing pages are an important part of conversion rate optimization because they help make the visitor’s experience more memorable and interactive, which in turn will increase their chances of converting.

In this article, I am going to show you how you will learn how to create a landing page on WordPress and  start getting more sales!

Install the Landing Page Plugin

WordPress has many plugins that you can use for different purposes. For this tutorial, we are going to use a plugin called “Landing Pages”.

This will allow us to create landing pages with just a few clicks of our mouse! To start off, go into your WordPress admin and find the Plugins tab on the left-hand side.

Click it and search for ‘landing page’. Once you’ve found it, click install now. It should download in seconds or minutes depending on how fast your internet connection is.

After clicking install now, wait until WordPress finishes installing the plugin before moving onto step two so that everything works smoothly without any errors popping up!

Next, we recommend installing Elementor as well.

This is a drag and drop page builder which will let you create your landing pages with just a few clicks of the mouse!

To install Elementor, go into WordPress again by clicking on Plugins in the left-hand side menu and search for ‘Elementor’. Click Install Now when it appears so that you can configure it later on.

Now set up the Elementor landing page top section: using a background overlay can make sense to really stand out, and the top banner can be easy customized with your logo!

Now set up Elementor landing page content section: drag in a new row by clicking on Add Row at the bottom of the screen. This will create an empty box for you to add additional information or links.

To make sure that it’s aligned correctly, double-click inside it so that all four corners align perfectly before adding text or embedding images.

Now save WordPress settings: go back into Settings > General and click Save Changes when prompted. You’re ready to start creating a beautiful landing page now!

Call To Action (CTA): The Call To Action is perhaps the most important part of a landing page. CTA is the call to action that you want your visitors to make, and these can vary based on what type of product or service you are offering.

For example, if someone came to my landing page for an online course about how to get more clients with WordPress I may have something like this: “Sign Up Now!” as my main CTA button.

In turn, that would then take them through the process of signing up for the email list in exchange for receiving exclusive content updates directly from your company.

Another common Call To Action that people use is a countdown timer prompting users when they will receive their promised goodies (e.g., $1000 worth of freebies) if they sign up now before it’s too late, etc.

Finally you need a backend CRM to follow up via email and text messages (SMS). The combination of SMS and email follow up email marketing is absolutely essential for any type of business.

You can also have a “Sign up to our newsletter” CTA on your blog posts, which should give people two ways to sign up and subscribe! Another way is through an ebook or free course – you might offer it for free in exchange for subscribing to your list, etc.

As for getting a booked appointments, we suggest an embedded survey app that also follows up by email and text message.

We highly recommend Tiberius AI CRM for not only the best lead nurture on the planet, but also for long term engagement and even customer reactivation campaigns.

Tiberius AI is a marketing automation platform, which includes: lead nurture campaigns based on customer lifecycle stages and engagement level; email series generation with dynamic content personalized to the subscriber’s profile; automated emails triggered by changes in user behavior or events such as birthday or anniversary date.

This CRM system even comes completely mobile responsive so it looks great no matter what device someone might be viewing it from – including desktop computer screens, laptops, tablets, smartphones, etc.

In conclusion, if you truly wish to learn how to create a landing page in WordPress you will need to learn how to do so on your own. Or… have the right people do it for you and skip the learning curve altogether.

At the end of the day, your business must produce leads, booked appointments, and ultimately sales.

That is why we recommend Super Landing Pages for a, well, super landing page!

They not only provide you with a landing page template that is responsive as well, but they also offer an easy-to-use lead capture form builder right on their platform.

This CRM system even comes completely mobile responsive so it looks great no matter what device someone might be viewing it from – including desktop computer screens, laptops, tablets, smartphones, etc.

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