How To Keep Customers During The Coronavirus

Marketing Advice No question these are strange times and we’re going through uncharted waters. While no one can predict day to what will happen, there still are steps local businesses can take to keep serving their customers and clients…and maintain relationships. Social distancing, while no doubt good for public health, is bad for local businesses. […]

Facebook Marketplace For Local Business

Facebook is constantly unveiling new ad features. But over the past year or so, they’ve also been unveiling completely new product features. The most interesting part is how these all connect. However, there’s been one thing missing for a long time. A business could replicate almost every single important function. Except for running payments and […]

An Introduction To Facebook Ads – Learn To Advertise On Facebook

It doesn’t matter if you run a well established business or you are managing a startup. It doesn’t matter how much of a budget you’re working with . Like it or not, and believe it or not, the main way you can make people become aware of your company’s brand, and eventually consume the products […]

How To Rank Youtube Videos For Lead Generation

Welcome to the 3 part manual on Getting YouTube Videos Ranked For Lead Generation.  YouTube videos can serve as a great way to get more leads for your local or national business. Videos can add excitement and motivate more visitors to leave their contact info. In a way, YouTube videos tap into an entirely new […]