Coronavirus Funding Options For Small Businesses

Marketing Advice The Small Business Administration has come up with real word solutions to help small businesses deal with the Covid-19 Coronavirus economic challenges we’re all going through. Here are some of the ways in which the SBA can help your small business in these difficult times: Paycheck Protection Program – This loan program provides […]

How To Keep Customers During The Coronavirus

Marketing Advice No question these are strange times and we’re going through uncharted waters. While no one can predict day to what will happen, there still are steps local businesses can take to keep serving their customers and clients…and maintain relationships. Social distancing, while no doubt good for public health, is bad for local businesses. […]

7 Ways Facebook Messenger Bots Will Help Scale Your Business

Marketing Advice Did you know that messenger marketing makes landing new clients a breeze? AI powered chatbots are the new buzz when it comes to marketing a business. But what are they and why are Facebook bots getting so popular? A chatbot is a program designed to simulate a real interaction, with real people, via […]

What is retargeting?

Marketing Advice Business owners are always trying to stay on the cusp of online marketing. It’s a world that’s ever-changing and one in which new, and more effective, methods of marketing are always popping up. One of the more recent forms of online marketing is known as retargeting. It’s not only one of the most […]

The Ultimate Guide To Google Ads

Google Ads Guide

Marketing Advice What to Know Before Using Google Ads for the First Time Every business needs to advertise and today, no matter the type of business, that also means advertising online. There are many ways to do it but one of the most effective by far is the use of Google Ads. Google Ads uses […]

Facebook Marketplace For Local Business

Facebook is constantly unveiling new ad features. But over the past year or so, they’ve also been unveiling completely new product features. The most interesting part is how these all connect. However, there’s been one thing missing for a long time. A business could replicate almost every single important function. Except for running payments and […]