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How To Add a New Location to Google My Business

Add A New Location To Google My Business

With the help of Google My Business, you will know how to add a new location to Google My Business (GMB). You will also know how to manage multiple locations for a business from one platform.

This is especially helpful for businesses that have many physical locations all over the country.

Add/Edit Your Location in Business Center

Since we’re able to Add a New Location to Google My Business with ease, we don’t need to worry about making any changes to it later on in case we make an error or if there are any typo’s (although they should be minimized). Having the ability to Add a New Location to Google My Business allows one location page and photo(s) per your business account. Edit your existing location here:

You’ve just opened up a new location for your business, now it’s time to start spreading the word and generate some new traffic! The only problem is that Google still thinks you’re in your original city. You don’t have to cause yourself any unnecessary stress though because there are easy-to-follow guidelines on how best add all of our locations into one platform without wasting much time or energy.

Add Business Name and Address into New Location’s Information Section

a) Add a new location for your business by first heading over to  and sign in with your Gmail account:

Once you’re signed in, click Add > Add a New Business at the top of the page or on the right side next to “My businesses” underneath Menu in the Google My Business dashboard. You will then be directed to create your own unique information section which is one of several sections that make up an entire profile for your business including additional locations lists & photos , contact information , categories , hours (if applicable) , etc… To begin adding a new location for your business, fill out the following fields in Add/Edit Addresses: Business Name , Address Line 1 , City , State , ZIP/Postal Code and Country . To finish, click Save to add the information about your business to your account. Now that we’ve added a new location to our Google My Business account, you need to edit this specific address so that Google can find it on their own.

Scroll down towards the bottom of Add Addresses by hovering over More Options next to Edit Addresses or click Add Addresses located on the bottom right corner of the page underneath Menu . Next, select Edit > Click “Edit info” link just under top left corner of map or directly above each address.

Apply the following guidelines when Add a New Location to Google My Business:

– Address line 1 should be the same as Name in Add/Edit Addresses for the address you just added. It will also show up as your business name on Google maps.

– City (and state, if applicable) should be the same city that you’re currently located in or nearest to where your location is physically located at. In this case, it would say “Miami”  because that’s where my office is located but it could also say any other cities like Orlando and Tampa depending on what addresses I have entered prior to this one. If there are multiple locations in Miami under my account, they all will display in response to a search result which makes it difficult for potential customers to find the right location. Add a New Location to Google My Business so that you can display your multiple locations easily on Google maps without any extra stress or time wasted searching from one place to the next.

– Add a new location by filling out your address information above so that it is easy for people who are trying to contact you or visit one of your physical locations outside of their own city. This will make Add a New Location to Google My Business easier and less stressful both for you and anyone who is interested in doing business with you!

b) Once I’ve added all of my Addresses, I then click Save . Next, hover over More Options  next to Edit Addresses or click Add Addresses on the bottom right corner of Add Addresses . This will take you to Add Addresses> Edit info . Add a New Location to Google My Business and enter your company name into Company Name field. If you have more than one location for your business, this name will display as headers at the top of every listing on Google maps with your official address located below it. For example, if I had 3 locations for my business (i.e., Miami, Orlando & Tampa), all three would display under my official company name in these respective cities when someone is searching for my business on Google maps.

All done! Now we can Add a New Location to Google My Business and get started generating some new traffic and interest from clients.

Google My Business is a great way to streamline your business’ presence on the internet. To do so, make sure you list all of the relevant information: address and suite number if applicable, city, state and zip code.

Google My Business provides businesses with an easy method for managing their online search results by providing people with more detailed location-specific info about them than any other directory can offer. You’ll need this in order to request verification through Google Places or Maps; it’s also what will help rank higher in searches!

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