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Welcome to Mobile Commando: How To Find The BEST Mobile Phone Deals

When Jeff Bezos, CEO of Amazon explained the business model of Amazon he said that he doesn’t like to run the business with what’s known as a razor blade model, such as losing money up front on products and then making it up later on the back end.  Nor does he like to make a ton of money on a certain device because it doesn’t follow their approach.  So, he has set up the Amazon business to be aligned with the customer.  This is one of the main reasons you feel rest assured that you’re getting a good deal on your buy.

In today’s technological world there are over 6.8 billion cell phones in use, with over 327 million in the U.S. alone.  With constant advances in technology it makes sense that you would be looking for the best mobile phone deals.  Most people may look to their cell phone carrier for a new phone, but in reality, the best mobile phone deals are always found at

The reason that Amazon is ahead of the game on the best mobile phone deals is because they are essentially their own search engine, much like Google.  Not only that, but they have their own patent on personalized recommendations of items represented within a database.  This is how Amazon takes whatever you are searching for and finds the best product for you.


When searching for the best mobile phone deals on Amazon, you’ll find that you’ll get the results of the search for whatever phone model you entered into the search box, in addition to several other options.  For instance, if you search for an iPhone 5s, you’re going to get numerous results.  You’ll get a listing of various iPhone 5’s along with the accessories that go with that phone.  In addition, you’ll get options of buying not only the phone in new condition, but in a used or refurbished condition as well.

The Amazon search algorithm is so advanced that it can then show you what other customers have viewed when searching for that same phone.  This is very innovative and can really lead you into the right direction on getting the phone that is right for you.

Along with the results of various phones and accessories, Amazon also gives you reviews to read.  Amazon also labels the reviews by “certified buyers” so that you can tell if someone is manipulating the review or if they are a “real” customer giving their honest feedback on the product that they actually purchased.
The reviews range from 1 to 5 stars and on popular products, such as mobile phones, there is an abundance of reviews to read to help you make your buying decision.

There is also a customer question and answer section.  If you have a question about a phone you can ask it right from the product page, or you can browse previous consumer questions and you may find your answer there as well.

So how exactly is Amazon able to sell their mobile phones at such a discount?  They are able to give you the best mobile phone deals because they are able to pass on the dealer discounts right to you, the customer.  On an iPhone or a smart phone, you could potentially save hundreds of dollars on a phone, and it would be brand new!  The deals and discounts are huge.

The one thing to be aware of is that along with your original carrier contract, you may need to agree to an Amazon contract of 180 days as well.  For most people, keeping a mobile phone for a few months is fully what they intend, but it’s always good to read the fine print before you buy in case that is not your intention.

Because the mobile phone market is so huge and it can be quite a daunting task to find a good deal on a phone, the best place to search for your mobile phone is on Amazon.  You’re most assuredly going to get a great discount, you’ll be able to compare several options on phones and accessories, and you don’t have to worry about having a sales person pressure you into something you don’t really want or need.  And, it gets delivered right to your door.

We at Mobile Commando have selected the absolute best mobile phone deals and discounts that Amazon has to offer. This includes but is not limited to the latest mobile phones and accessories, based on buyer feedback, prices, and reviews.

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